Wednesday , January 24 2018
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Keeping the old Aussie spirit of Christmas alive at yours….

Well the countdown is now on. And the dusty old tree complete with tinsels, stars, angels and  brightly coloured balls are undoubtedly THE significant feature of your lounge-room décor by now. So unless, you’re part grinch you will probably concede that Christmas, really IS the most interesting time of the year! To keep the magic …

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Combatting ‘The Great Albury/ Wodonga Man Drought’….

Earlier this month Albury’s ‘The Border Mail’ news outlet published a piece on Albury’s gender gap. This piece gave weight to a fact I have been arguing for years! There is of course, a serious man drought on The Border! As a seasoned veteran of that particular love market in …

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13 Reasons Why You Need To Live (and never give up hope)

I have heard the hype and arguments from varying viewpoints surrounding the teen suicide Netflix drama ‘13 Reasons Why’ and unless you’ve been living in a bubble, the likelihood is that you have too. I have heard people swear by it as an “educational resource” and others hate its mere …

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Viva la coffee loving revolution!!

  Editing and writing for The Suburban Wedgie keeps me busy during down time… rare as ‘down time’ is these days. I work another job three days a week, play Suburban Mum and wife and I keep busy accommodating a self-confessed caffeine addiction. Writing, motherhood, work and coffee are all …

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Naomi’s top travel tips for ‘Destination Bali’

It’s a wonderful feeling when those warm sun-rays kiss your back, neck, chest and face, leaving your skin tingling. The air is filled with the whimsical sound of chimes dangling and dancing in the breeze. All the while, incense burns in offerings nearby, delighting your sense of smell and offering …

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