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Keeping the old Aussie spirit of Christmas alive at yours….

Naomi Fryers | The Suburban Wedgie

Well the countdown is now on. And the dusty old tree complete with tinsels, stars, angels and  brightly coloured balls are undoubtedly THE significant feature of your lounge-room décor by now. So unless, you’re part grinch you will probably concede that Christmas, really IS the most interesting time of the year!

To keep the magic alive right through until the much anticipated day, here are five fabulous Aussie Christmas Eve traditions that your family can embrace! They really are simple yet excellent preparation for a build up to a truly “special” day for your tribe or clan.  And some are of particular benefit for the ankle biters amongst us who have been doing their utmost to wrangle their way onto Santa’s good list for AT LEAST the past three weeks.

Close the blinds, put on your Christmas tree lights, grab any candles you have handy and put on some good old fashioned Christmas carols. Being a Melbournian I of course prefer the REAL Christmas Eve Carols to that shit-storm Sydney televise under the guise  of Carols in the Domain. That particular ‘spectacular’ in my own humble opinion butcher the classics and have me wanting to pa-rump-pa-pum-pum the little drummer boy to a pulp myself. But I digress….

Gather your tribe around for a sing-along, whilst wrapping any last minute gifts for friends or extended family. And if you want to make things extra hilarious swap the gift tags last minute so grandpa ends up spending Christmas day in his new Richmond Premiership all in one undersized jumpsuit for junior Tiger Fans despite being a red and blue blooded demon since birth.

There’s zero expense involved in these activities, but the memories are the kinds of things that money can’t buy. Revel in the magic of ‘family time’ while Christmas classics ring out through the summer night’s air! And if it turns into a shit-fight due to sibling rivalry at any point take heart in knowing no one has ever been convicted of child abuse in Australia for setting the hose on the kids in Summer. But don’t quote me on that either. 

Everyone knows Christmas Eve is an epic mission for Santa. This year, for some added Christmas cheer, prepare some treats for him and his reindeer! These can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish. Even laying out carrot sticks and milk for the reindeer will do. For the sake of practicality, moderate your recipe in accordance with YOUR Santa’s tastes. We’ve heard direct from the North Pole that cookies go down a treat, so if you fancy some baking, you can make it into a great little activity for the family. But then again we heard Rudolph curse one year that Santa was getting edgy that not one family in the street left him out a six pack, let alone his much needed carton of Winfield Reds.

Help the little ones in your life create, decorate and place a sign so that Santa knows exactly where to stop with any gifts! This activity may even afford you some extra time as you wrangle last- minute with the Christmas pudding, or even stuff the Turkey! Then again you might also stuff the pudding and buy a pav from Coles. Oh and stuff the neighbours too as you let the kids fight to the death in a blood bath over what chalk message demands they want to scrawl on each edge of the driveway.

Print off some Christmas colouring in sheets and fill a box with unused craft items. Tie it up with a Christmas bow and present it to the youngsters as a ‘wind down’ activity before bedtime. Paints, stickers, reindeers dust (glitter) as well as mini Christmas trees made from spray-painted pinecones are simple but effective ideas. If the adults drink boutique beer while watching that counts as “crafting” too.

The hanging of the stockings is a simple but meaningful task. Remember to chat with your youngsters about the significance of Santa stopping for them. In particular since last year Mum’s present was missing and Dad got an esky with a missing handle suspected to have been recycled from hard rubbish. Instead of a standard bed time story tell them fables about how “you knew a little kid once…..” who was fired from the kinder play for kicking the admittedly plastic baby Jesus. Oh, no wait…that actually happened. That was me. Still can’t even deal with why I wasn’t made an angel to begin with

Don’t forget to take plenty of photographs (for keepsakes and evidence in case of future family AVOs).And watch as those little Christmas stars in your life shine bright and then wreak havoc because they’ve got their haul. And…. just think, if you stuff up your own life royally on New Years Eve later in the week because some little elf insults you at the pub that is impeccable timing. Because not only will you be expected to be on holidays from work, you won’t have to pay accommodation whilst in remand. Who needs the Salvo’s for a free feed anyway? Merry bloody Christmas ya flamin’ mongrels!!!









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