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Viva la coffee loving revolution!!

  Editing and writing for The Suburban Wedgie keeps me busy during down time… rare as ‘down time’ is these days. I work another job three days a week, play Suburban Mum and wife and I keep busy accommodating a self-confessed caffeine addiction. Writing, motherhood, work and coffee are all friends, after all. Coffee is my one remaining guilty pleasure. I only wish feeding its culinary cravings was always as simple as I have recently discovered it can be. (Spoiler alert: Goodbye shitty coffee, forever. Thanks and welcome to my world, Air Roasters!)

I’m happy to call my condition what it is: I have an acute case of coffee snob-itis. In short, this means paying and waiting for far more coffees than I actually consume. Being a Mum from the outer Eastern suburbs of Melbourne my greatest gripe is what I refer to as “Shopping Centre coffees”. You know the kind. You pay for them through the nose in sheer toddler- tantrum- derived- desperation at over $4.50 a cup.

At first sip of your “Shopping Centre coffee” you realise your mug contents tastes of something akin to burnt mud. Yep, ugly pongy pond like mud that someone has thrown over hot coals. And, you can feel the charred ashes accumulating on your taste buds as you drink (or gulp). What should be a tantalising and aromatic experience actually smells of something you can only imagine ingesting at a dirty ute muster after taking a tumble.

I know I’m not alone when I say what a bloody let down some coffees can be. Even hole in the wall or proper coffee cafes complete with European sounding names can lull you into a false sense of security. As you shell out your hard earned and hope for the best, history tells you the odds of enjoyment are as about as slim and shady as the rap song itself.

Well folks, FORTUNATELY you don’t have to resort to mafia-style standover tactics on your un-expecting barista to get amazing coffee. Because let’s face it, in all fairness the barista who is paid minimum wage to work a billion hours (such is life in the hospitality industry) doesn’t deserve workplace bullying on top of exploitation.

Coffee disappointment factor can even happen when you experiment with brands at home but believe me when I say there is a solution to this ongoing relentless non-tantalising torment. Say goodbye to burnt coffee beans forever and welcome premium quality coffee courtesy of Air Roasters into your life. You will be so thankful once you discover the perfect blends in their variety, and you’re welcome. After all, life’s too short for second best.

Your taste buds (and visitors at home) deserve this caffeinated breakthrough. A coffee with a friend is a very cheap form of therapy and you wouldn’t invite your friends over for dinner and feed them McCrap now, would you? Air Roasters is a 700 year in the making smooth, iconic and revolutionary blend which generates air to roast the world’s best Arabica beans. And, consequently it changes the coffee game with perfect results… cup after incredible cup. Ah-mazing.

Got a coffee loving friend? Share the gift of coffee revolution knowledge with them, and they’ll feel the warmth of a million cups. Give them a pod and let them try the magic for themselves. Or if your local coffee shop’s not cutting the mustard and could lift their game – let them in on the secret formula for happy sipping success. Without doubt they will thank you in the long run. Air Roasters has a generous wholesale program for stockists and those who need to be in the know. Order your time out in a mug here. To keep in touch with the iconic brand and watch them expand head over to their facebook page and offer a big thumbs up.

Air Roasters coffees don’t cost the earth (at fewer than 100 cents a cup or less in greater quantities) so you don’t have to take my word for its ah-mazingness. They sell both beans, pods (which are Nespresso machine compatible capsules) and their dark drinking chocolate cocoa is darling at just $15.00 per kg. Talk about putting the magic in mocha making. If you need to stock up on capsules Air Roasters currently offer free shipping on orders over $75.00 *Australia wide. Make an investment in yourself today, you will not regret it.

Enjoy your cuppas, folks!



Disclaimer: This is a sponsored blog post.

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